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7th Grade Physical Science

Name: __________________________________
2 or more simple machines put together
Energy of motion
______ mechanical advantage is what is desired of a machine
The tendency of objects resist any change in motion
Some energy is always lost as this
A simple machine that consists of two circular objects of different size
A simple machine that consists of a wheel over which a rope, chain, or wire passes
number of times the machine multiplies force
Device that makes work easier by changing the size or direction of a force
Forces are _______ if there is a change in speed or direction
Force that opposes motion between two surfaces
Change in position
Energy transfer where an electrical source is connected in a complete circuit to an electrical device
This is created using water wheels or waterfalls.
A simple machine that has a bar that pivots at a fixed point called a fulcrum
energy possessed by an object due to its motion or its stored energy of position
Non-rewable energy source
Energy of position
A simple machine that is a straight, slanted surface, and facilitates the raising of loads
Energy _______ is where energy changes forms.
Energy from the ___ can be collected using solar panels.
On a distance/time graph constant speed is displayed with constant _________.
Energy transfer where 2 objects push or pull on each other over a distance
Energy ______ is where energy moves from one object to another.
Energy transfer where a warmer object in contact with cooler one
________ mechanical advantage is what the machine actually does
This type of energy does not pollute the environment