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Science MSP Words

By Jovan Dhillon
The movement caused within a fluid causing denser material to sink under, which also transfers heat
The emission of energy as electromagnetic waves
It is the binding together of particles by cement or it is the process of altering metal with heat
Newton's law of gravity says that the gravitational force between two bodies is proportional to the product of their masses
A system of billions of stars held together by gravitational attraction
A minute particle of RNA
A simple sugar that is an important energy source in living organisms
It is a circular line that starts and finishes in the same place
An isolated system that does not exchange matter with anything around it
The process of something rotting or decomposing
Damaged or imperfect in someway
A self contained system within a larger system
The process of adjusting to a new environment or place
Material used to insulate something
Able to be dissolved
The job something is supposed to do