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Science - Chapter 6 Vocabulary

The process in which a sperm cell and an egg cell combine.
The substance in plants that makes their parts green and captures energy from sunlight.
The various stages an organism passes through as it grows, matures, and finally dies.
The process in which plants make sugar.
The system that helps move oxygen and carbon dioxide into and out of the body.
One of the leaflike parts that cover and protect the flower bud.
Male structure in plants that makes pollen.
Animals that have backbones.
A group of similar organisms that can mate and produce offspring that can also produce offspring.
A group of tissues working together to carry out body processes.
To shed an outer covering.
A female structure in plants that produce egg cells.
A change in the form of an organism.
The system that moves blood through your body.
To arrange or sort objects or living things according to their properties or characteristics.
The movement of pollen from stamen to pistil.
To start to grow.
Animals without backbones.
A group of closely related living things.