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Earth Science Final Review, Part 2

As you rise up in the atmosphere, air pressure _________.
One of the main things the __________ does is to block most UV radiation (2 words).
Liquid water is required for ___ on Earth.
_______ by water or wind can cause the loss of soil if there is no plant cover.
The three major fossil fuels are natural gas, oil and ______.
Soil ________ is the management of soil to prevent its destruction.
Lunar eclipses can occur during a _____ moon phase.
The point underground where rock first breaks and an earthquake starts
The geologic principle that states the same processes operating today also operated in the past.
Because the Earth is _____, we experience seasons.
_________ decreases as you go down the water column towards the ocean floor.
Soil that is rich in humus has high _________.
__________ resources take hundreds of millions of years to form.
The weather tends to be more dry as you get farther away from the ocean, thus those areas tend to have a ______ climate.
Cool air is _____ dense than warm air.
Winds are caused by differences in ______ (2 words).
Soil formation begins with the weathering of _________.
The Milky Way is a _______ galaxy.
Earth's rotation causing global winds to curve is called the __________ (2 words).
_________ in the soil help to mix the soil and make humus.
The average, year after year conditions of temperature and precipitation in a large area describe its _____.
Tides are the highest when the sun, Earth and moon are in a _______(2 words).
Earth's _______ is so important because it provides gases we need to survive, as well as block UV rays and meteors.
The interaction of the sun, Earth and moon causes _______.
Near the end of March and September, neither end of Earth's _____ is tilted towards the sun.