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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever (Jeff Kinney)

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever
The story was set during a time that it is very cold.
What was Greg's Older brothers name in the book.
What was Greg's younger brothers name in the book.
Greg was shivering and had chills all over. So he was ...
Greg did some thing that fooled his brother into believing that their was a hole in the table.
When Greg was younger he was in this thing with a group of kids.
Greg had to give a present to someone but not tell the person who got it for them. What is that called?
Greg's basement was filled with water.
He is the main character of the book.
Greg went to the pizza shop and asked the manager if wanted to put something in the paper that would help his company.
In the book kids threw balls of snow.
Greg got these things that are rapped in boxes with toys inside.
Greg got very hot in church because he wore his pajamas under his dress clothes. So he was..
Greg goes to this place where he learns.
Greg likes to read books with a lot of pictures and very few words.
Greg had to share a room with his brother. Greg and his brother were...
Greg's older brother plays an instrument with a group of other people.
In the book they celebrated a holiday in which Jesus was born.
Greg made a paper for people to read.Also for people to here what was going on in the neighborhood.
In the book Greg likes to play this console with a controller. You Put a disk in and you get to play it. What is this called?
Greg played with this thing it was like a human baby but it was a toy.
In greg's house it went dark all of a sudden. So he lost his...
Greg and his family were stuck in a big pile of snow for about a week. What were they stuck in.
Greg likes to eat thing made with doe and chocolate chips in the middle
He is the Greg's best friend.