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Geometry Final Vocabulary Review

A parallelogram with 4 congruent sides.
A point that is exactly in the middle of a line segment.
A quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides.
The flipped and negated conditional statement.
Angles that are outside of but adjacent to the shape.
A triangle with one obtuse angle.
An "if ... then ..." statement.
Two angles that form a line.
Half of the diameter of a circle.
A shape with 4 sides.
A triangle with only acute angles.
A straight line that touches the circle at only one point.
Two lines that intersect at 90 degrees.
1-dimension. Goes on forever, and it is made up of an infinite amount of points.
0-dimensions. Shows location, not size.
Two angles that share a vertex and a side.
A quadrilateral with no parallel sides.
Statement that can be proven true.
Equals 90 degrees.
To cut into two congruent parts.
The two sides that make the right angle in a right triangle.
Greater than 90 degrees.
An example of why a statement is false.
Two congruent angles across from each other on an "X".
A triangle with one right angle.
A straight line inside a circle that begins and stops on the circle.
The negated (opposite) conditional statement.
2-dimensions. Flat surface that is made up of an infinite amount of lines.
Two angles that make 180 degrees.
The same shape but different sizes.
A quadrilateral with only one pair of parallel sides.
Two lines with the same slope that never touch.
A straight line that starts on one point of the circle and keeps going forever.
Less than 90 degrees
The point where the two sides of an angle meet.