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Cell Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Body crossword puzzle
If you can't regulate insulin properly you will get this disease
Finger like projections lining the inside of your small intestine
Tough outside layer of the cell only found in plant cells
Circular muscle that controls openings in your body
When something can easily pass through it is called this
These take blood to the heart
The passage leading to the lungs
Your trachea divides into these tubes
The kidneys maintain this hormone by filtering the blood
The acid in your stomach
This part of the cell helps the nucleus manufacture parts of the cell
The nasal cavity is lined with these hairs
Oxygenated blood comes out into the body through this
Controls the cells activities.
The small structures contained in cells are called
White blood cells produce these to fight off illness, bacteria and viruses
The movement of mater molecules
Choses if things can pass through or not
A flap of tissue that guards the entrance to your trachea
This organ removes toxins from the blood
When we sweat it is to get rid of this kind of waste
Villi are meant to increase surface area and what else
This side of the heart is deoxygenated
Used to convert light energy into sugars for the plant cell
Something non living
The outer layer of the cell
Kidney stones are pasted via this tube
The power house of the cell
You take this to re-route your blood and open your throat when having an allergic reaction
A jelly like substance inside the cell.
Sugars that we eat get broken down into energy which is this