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Constitutional and Civil Law

Issued by the Grand Jury
4th amendment prohibits unreasonable ______ (3 words)
Juries are to be composed of one's ______
Fundamental benefit
Search and seizure
_____ of Conditions
2nd amendment denies inmates to keep ____ in their cells
Failure to Act
Number of Amendments in the Bill of Rights
Right granted by the 1st Amendment
Prevent escapes, riots, control contraband and promote inmate safety
Type of court jurisdiction
Ruiz vs. _______
Is anything
Wrongful act leading to civil legal liability
Historically, inmates were called "_____" of the state.
Highest criminal state court in TX
Wolff v. __________
Prohibited by the 8th amendment
You have the body
Bell vs. _________
Courts are without _____ to supervise prison administration . Banning v. Looney
Other court decisions may influence how some court cases are decided
Court of last resort
Revisions to the United States Constitution
Negligence, Gross and intentional actions
Female Sheriff
"Fourteenth" Amendment