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Algebra 2 Crossword Puzzle

A relation for which each input has exactly one output.
Do not intersect.
When a term is a product of a number and a power of a variable.
A term that equates two equivalent expressions.
Terms that have the same variable parts.
Most basic function in a family.
An expression formed by repeated multiplication.
Set of output values.
Term that has a variable.
Additive inverse.
Mapping of input values with output values.
Set of input values.
Term that has no variable parts.
Multiplicative inverse.
Intersects to form a right angle.
M of a nonvertical line is the ratio of vertical change to horizontal change.
An equation that relates two or more quantities.
A statement that two expressions are equal.
The letter used to represent one or more numbers.
In an expression, parts that can be added together.