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Spelling Words May 5/8-5/12

Can Not use words!!!!
Amount of money in your account at a given time
Amount of money in your bank account at a given time
Money paid to savers for letting a bank use their money
Money put into your account
Fee representing the cost of credit or cost of borrowing money
Amount of money deducted from your account
Folder for writing checks and making deposits
Small booklet for recording deposits withdrawls & checks
To put out money in order to get a profit
Sum of money
Money deducted from your account
A booklet kept by saver in which each deposit and withdrawl is recorded
Fines for breaking a rule
Act of taking money out of a bank account
A deposit or withdrawl
Statement stating amount of money deposited for a specific length of time
To write checks fro more money than is in your account
The smallest amount aloud