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Musical Instruments Crossword Puzzle

The largest and deepest-sounding brass instrument
Clamshell-like pieces joined in pairs by a cord and clicked together by the fingers
Woodwind made of brass and popular for jazz music
Low-pitched drum played with mallets
String instrument with six strings and frets
Percussion instrument made of varying lengths of metal bars and played with mallets
Keyboard with 88 keys that drop hammers on strings to create notes
Keyboard that uses hooks (plectra) to pluck strings to create notes
A hand bell that is played with a stick
String instrument larger than a violin that plays notes in the middle range
String instrument that produces the lowest notes (2 words)
Brass instrument with a moving slide
String instrument that produces lower range notes and is played while seated
Lower-pitched double reed woodwind
String instrument with 47 strings
Percussion instrument made of a wooden cog and slats
Large, hanging gong-like metal disc (2 words)
Woodwind made of metal and does not have a reed
Percussion instrument with two circular metal plates played with a mallet or crashed together
Percussion instrument made of varying lengths of wooden bars played with mallets
Percussion instrument with a wooden perimeter, drumlike head, and metal disks attahced around the edge
The highest-pitched brass instrument
A large xylophone-like percussion instrument
Brass instrument with rotary valves that produces full tones (2 words)
Electronic keyboard
Double-reed woodwind that looks like a large oboe (2 words)
The highest-pitched woodwind
String instrument played with a bow and with the highest note range
Woodwind with a double reed
Small drum with lengths of wire stretched across the bottom of the drum (2 words)
Single-reed woodwind
Keyboard that uses air pushed through pipes to create notes