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Piano Vocablary Final

generally represented by the letter p; means play soft.
A direction to play lively and fast.
the note or rest is to be held longer that the rhythmic value it has been given.
The levels of sound, loud or soft, in a piece of music.
generally represented by the letters pp, means play very soft.
a collection of accidentals to be played in the song; determines the tonality of the song. (major, minor, etc)
represented by the letter f, indicates to play loud.
defines the amount and type of notes contained in each measure.
a curved line that connects notes of different pitches
indicates to play medium loud; represented by the letters mf.
indicates a shortening and consequent detaching of notes.
indicates to play medium soft; represented by the letters mp
meaning "from the beginning" (literally : "from the head").
is the speed or pace of a given piece or subsection thereof, how fast or slow
A tempo having slow movement; restful at ease.
is used as an indication of the speed to be played fairly briskly
is used as an indication of the speed to be adopted by a performer.
"to the end" ; to continue to the indicated end.
informs the performer of how a particular note should be played; short, long, tied, etc.
a curved line that indicates the grouped notes should be treated as a phrase or musical sentence.
a curved line that connects notes of the same pitch
informs the performer of a note, chord, or rest to make sure the indicated rhythm is to be held to the full time value.
is used as an instruction to performers to play smoothly.
play at a moderate slow tempo