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6th Grade Vocabulary Units 1-5

Name: ___________________________________

Date: ______________________
to make very angry; enrage
A large wave
A person who pretends to be what they are not; a two-faced person
To reduce in size of volume
Suffering severely from hunger; lack of something
To indicate, point out, to appoint
Profitable; bringing in money
Totally without skill
The strength needed to keep going
To force; hold back
Impossible to understand
To have great satisfaction; personal enjoyment
Extremely dry
Fair-minded, indifferent
To move backward; to become distant
To meet face-to-face
Without any good reason or cause
To encircle; to include with a group or class
To send out for a purpose
A feeling of fear, doubt, or uncertainty
A written statement that falsely hard the reputation of a person
Variety; having many different types or forms
Annoy; trouble
Food; a meal
Belonging to the same period of time as oneself
To control for personal gain or advantage
Something that one seems to see that really does not exist
A person who does imitations; to imitate
A person who attacks violently
Inventive; clever
The greatest possible amount
Clothing, dress up
A rapid, large-scale outpouring of something
Peaceful, calm
Embarrassed; timid
Condemn; accuse formally
An intolerant prejudice person
To push on to some goal
Someone or something that is extremely puzzling