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Physics vocab

A material such as glass through which a charge will not move easily
A diverging lens
A material such as copper through which a charge will move easily
The process of removing excess charge by touching an object on earth
A phenomenon in which a spectrum of colors is produced
A converging lens
A device consisting of large numbers of single slits that are quite close together
Light from two or more substances
A vision defect in which a person cannot see distant objects clearly
A vision defect in which a person cannot see close objects
A pattern of light and dark bands on a screen
The si standard unit of charge
A pattern on a screen of constructive and destructive interference of Huygens wavelets
Light with unsynchronized wave fronts that illuminates objects with an even, white light
States that if the central bright spot of one image falls on the first dark ring of the second image , the images are at the limit of resolution
The study of electric charges
A device that is used to detect electric charges and consists of a metal knob connected by a metal stem to two thin metal leaves
An atom whose positively charged nucleus exactly balances the negative charge of the surrounding electrons
A piece of transparent material such as glass or plastic