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Rome Really Rocks

Teacher: Mr. Richmond
JC's reaction to Alexander the Great
"Oops. I think I just walked into an ambush."
just a common man; just a common woman
owning land is where it's at
Augustus's brick-alternative
a special right or benefit that is given only to a particular person or group of people
the two most powerful magistrates in ancient Rome
BIG THINGS in mind
"I'm just an Ordinary "O"; I eat bread and _________."
"Well I wrote the histories of TWO of Rome's masters! Take that, Pluto."
the first global language
neither 14 or 16
conquered by JC
be careful if you cross it!
from the farm to the battlefield
"I'll just be here for a little while" (ancient Rome)
a country that is governed by elected representatives and/or leaders
America's Cincinnatus
a war between people of the same country
a group of countries or regions that are controlled by one ruler or one government
raised by a wolf
they eventually got fed-up with Caesar's power grab
the "original" Downtown Mall
"I forbid"
Et tu?
"I wish the Cincinnati Bengals were in the Super Bowl!"