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Piano Vocabulary Puzzle

Units that the staff is divided into
When the treble and bass clef are bracketed together it is called.....
Chord that has the notes C,E,G
The symbol that identifies the left hand notes
Type of note that receives two counts
Gradually get softer
To gradually get louder
Number of beats a dotted half note receives
Type of note that only gets ONE beat
Number of keys on a full sized piano
Four beats of silence
One beat of silence
Speed of the music
Chord that has the notes C,F,A
Symbol that tells you to go back to the beginning of the song and do it again
The letters in the musical alphabet
The symbol that identifies the right hand notes
The dynamic that means to play 'loudly'
Type of note that receives four counts
To hold the note longer than its value
This tells the performer how many beats are in the measure and what kind of note gets the beat
The dynamic that means 'medium loud'
The dynamic that means 'play softly'
A line that goes over a series of notes that are different from each other
A line that connects two of the same note, extends its value