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Fourth Grade Science I

A material that energy flows through easily or the driver of a train.
Instruments transform energy of motion in to _________ energy.
Ends with a ?
The Earth _______ every 24 hours.
Scientists test a hypothesis by conducting this.
Constant, manipulated, and responding for example.
A good hypothesis is testable and _____________.
Antonym of attract.
80 mph for example.
A material that does not allow energy to flow through it easily.
A 3D shape that has finished high school?
This is a permanent change that happens to dead animals.
Not 19 or 44
It takes up space and has a mass.
A type of movement that produces sound energy.
A group of stars that form a shape usually associated with folktales.
Not a fact.
Type of energy that can be seen.
Mohs Scale measures this.
Temperature in Canada.
The amount of space that an object takes up.
Faster vibrations produce a higher ______.
Not 28 or a liquid.
A scientific tool used to compare weights of objects.
Grams measure an object's _____.
A good hypothesis is _________ and measureable.
This is a permanent change that often happens to metal objects.
The reason for conducting an investigation.
This is a permanent change that happens as a result of fire.
Temperature measurer.
On the morning announcements, the temperature is reported in degrees ______________.
Type of energy that flows through a circuit.
The strongest part of a magnet also a long thin object.
Not 44 or a gas.
A ball being thrown is an example of this.
The first step in the STEM Fair Process.
To investigate what other scientists know about a topic.
A tool for organizing observations or measurements.
The path that an object takes.
On a magnet, North and South do this.
A property of matter.
A push or pull on an object or Yoda's religion.
What we think will happen in an experiment.
The length between two objects.
A visual representation of data.
A metal pan conducts ____ energy from the stove to the food.