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Vocab list 8+9

A person who watches or looks; onlooker
A thought of the past
To gradually come forth to a being
Colorful;full of life; very bright
To shame or humiliate; damage ones self pride
Subject to death;ability to die
Of/or relating to walking
A broiler with a motor that spins meat
A ruler with great unlimited power
To turn upside down
Ability to turn on a wheel or axis
To give life/new life to
To engage in deep thought or reflection
A group, person, or force that attacks/opposes
Talkative; ready for a continuous flow of words
Have a great or unlimited power or authority
A person with great power or influence
Base; a supporting stucture
Suggesting attitude or unhealthy state:very gloomy/ gruesome
A person who is concerned by their own thoughts and feelings
To stop in movement; a obstacle
Rounded; round in shape