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A modification made to a document by physical, chemical, or mechanical means.
A crack in a glass that extends outward from the point of impact.
Ability to track the history, application, or location.
A chemical used to react with another chemical.
Physical evidence such as bodily fluids that originated from a human, plant, or animal.
An absence of blood in an otherwise continuous bloodstain or pattern.
A rapid expansion of gases resulting from a chemical or physical action that produces a pressure wave.
The unwanted transfer of material from another source to a piece of physical evidence.
A duplicate of a recording or data that can be used for analysis and testing.
The process of recording data, such as an image, video sequence, or audio stream.
A record of actions, events, and related data.
Two substances which are not explosive until they are mixed.
Material of a known source that presumably was uncontaminated during collection
Procedures and documentation providing the integrity of a specimen.
To transfer an impression from its original surface for analysis
Writing executed in a habitual manner, without an attempt to alter its characteristics.
Scientific study of the motion of projectiles.
An amount so small that it cannot be weighed.
The component of a system to be analyzed.
Subset of a population made up of one or more units.