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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Third Grade Mastery Spelling

Getting out of a bad situation
Place that provides goods or services
Keep going
To think something is true
Beside two things that are on either side of you
Not easy, very hard
To accomplish something
Book to find all definitions
When something does not stay the same
Another word for class or the place you play golf
In competition with
If something makes you laugh it's....
Complete a science _______ to figure out a problem
the very end
Not safe
The condition of your body
Large group of people
A road over a river or valley
Winner of all games in a series
Opposite of son
Pick something
The one you like the most
Another word for or
In a circle
Yellow fruit
Last meal of the day
To have occurred
Another word for plenty
Keep going
anything built or constructed, provides shelter to humans
Describes a noun
You are in _________ school
Very, very good
Another word for hypothesis
Day you were born
Past tense of hear
Lists months of the year and days of the week
Happening later
What you wear on your body
How tall something is