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Spanish Wines

Means "cave" in Spanish
Garnacha generally has a relatively high "______" content
Wine club is held on this Tuesday every month
Means "sparkling"
Wine at the "____" will be held on Saturday, July 16th from 12-6pm. See you there!
Garnacha is called this type of grape
How Lolea Sangra is made
This is the name of Laura's most recent furry addition to the family
Sangria is this to the Spanish tourism industry
Means"white wine"
The year that a wine was made
This is how many months the "Wines from Around the World" series is
The name of the Lolea Sangria recipe that we highlighted today
Relating to the sense of smell
Garnacha comes from this region
Did you know that the Black Sheep has awesome new "______" for sale?
Means "very dry"
Means "winery" in Spanish
Garnacha is called this in the United States
One of the other countries that we will feature in our six month series.
One of the main grapes in Cava
The Segura Brut pairs well with this type of spicy food