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Teacher: E. Luna
A title or short description of a picture.
To drive away; to force out of one's mind; to go away.
To force someone to do something; to drive someone into action.
The ability to hold, take in, or absorb.
To take the main ideas and repeat in a summarized form.
To take a path away; to leave; to get free.
A substance used to drive away insects or animals.
To take advantage of something; to make the most of something.
To drive back; to ward off, or keep away.
To force or drive out; to force to leave.
To overturn; to take and flip over.
To force to move forward; to drive onward.
To take possession or control of something; to take someone against his or her will; to preserve in a permanent form.
A sudden urge that drives someone into action.
To take the head off something.
To take in; to surround; to encase or protect.
Having the ability; able to do something; able to seize an opportunity.
Disgusting; tending to drive off; offensive.
To drive forward; to urge to action; to motivate.
To vibrate; beat; force to produce short bursts.