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Chemistry Xword--Mitchell Made It!!

Having to do with the center of an atom
Properties that depend on the number of solute particles dissolved in solution
Reaction where 2 things react and get 1 product
A unit used to measure nuclear radiation
All that math stuff in chemistry
Reaction between 2 ionic compounds , usually in solution
A hydrogen donor
The weight of 1 mole a given substance
What is required to remove an electron from an atom
An acid with 2 hydrogens
Disney Character Yondu said he was in Gardians 2
Do not react much
Your bestest, most favorite class of 2016-17
This is dependent on gravity
Lithium hydroxide
A solid that is produced as a result of a reaction between 2 solutions
Hydrocarbons with a triple bonded set of carbons
Molecules with a 1:2:1 ratio of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen which provide nutrients
Your favoritest teacher of 2016-17
An acid with 3 hydrogens
Any ionic compound resulting from a chemical reaction
An acid and base reaction
Branch of chemistry that deals with electricty related applications
An amount of something/ relating to Avogadro
Name of the blue bobble head on my shelf...fancy name for mercury
Outmost part of an electron
Most reactive group of the metals
Smalles element according to size
A proton acceptor
Largest element according to size
Russian periodic table maker
Shrinking Justice League member in DC comics