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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Spelling Review

The milk in the fridge is going to _____.
What you do when you write something.
People put these around their necks to keep their necks warm.
Second graders do this when they have to take a spelling test.
My grandmother is going to ____ me a new sweater.
The boy was ______ his fingers to the music.
The road was ______ when I rode my bike down it.
The snow outside made me feel _____.
Students use this to look at different countries around the world.
The ____ eagle is the countries national bird.
Bees live in a _____.
I am _____ my mom's birthday party.
A type of bird.
Blankets are used to _____ you up when you are cold.
Antonym for false
I love to watch the clowns at the ______!
The ____ in my ring is beautiful!
The answer is not right, so it was _____.
Children throw this around and play catch with it.