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Cell Crossword

Sydnee Wade Pd1
A packaged and organized structure that holds most of the DNA.
This organism can break down waste and detoxify poisons to clean the cell.
This organelle packages macromolecules and carry them in and out of the cell.
The "powerhouse" of the cell.
These organelles create protein.
The center of the cell it holds all the information.
This organism traps inhaled "foreign particles" before it can damage the lungs.
A cell that has a nucleus and other organelles that are enclosed with membranes.
These organelles help the cell move.
The jelly-like substance that fills the cell.
This organelle transports materials within the cytoplasm particularly during the process of exocytosis.
This organelle plays an important part in cell division, movement, and shape.
A cylinder-like organism in the cell that helps get materials to make cilia and centrosomes.
Where photosynthesis takes place.
This organism converts stored oils into molecules so that it can be used for energy.
This is a specialized sub unit within a cell that as a specific job.
An outer layer that controls what goes in and out of the cell.
These organelles transport protein throughout the cells.
Storage areas inside the cell plants cells have big ones and animal cells have small ones.
An outer layer that protects a plant cell and gives it its unique shape.