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Name of the park we went to this week
The original name of the man Israel.
Religion of the the palestenians
The twin brother of Jacob.
An agreement between God and man.
The second and most famous king of Israel. He started to build the Temples in Israel.
The son of Avraham through whom some Arab people trace their heritage.
The country that held the Hebrew people slaves for 210 years.
Only remaining wall from time of the Temple
Special laws given by God for man-kind to follow.
This is what God promised to Avraham. later he said that we have to let it rest evrey 7th year.
Strip of land where Palestinians send rockets from into Israel.
The father of three main religions.
Another name for the land of Israel.
God saved this man and his family when the earth was destroyed.
What Israel was called pre-1948
The man God used to free the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt.
The first man created by God.
Jacob was willing to work for 14 years for the right to marry this woman.
Modern Israel got this in 1948
Current prime minister, second time serving
The capitol of Israel chosen by David.
The wife of Abraham.
Homeland of Jews. Also its the forefather Jacob's other name (in English)
The first king of Israel
The son of Abraham through whom the Jewish people trace their heritage.