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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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6th Grade Vocabulary Units 1-5 Test

Name: ___________________________________
It is unsportsmanlike to ______________after you win a game.
Our ______________region makes it hard to grow crops like strawberries or peaches but it is perfect for sagebrush.
She deserved the audience’s standing ______________ for her brilliant performance in the play.
A line of people
The animals from the pound were ______________because the owners did not feed them.
Remarkable originality, inventiveness
A long blond ______________ of hair was left at the crime scene.
Delay leaving; to linger
My little brother was crying so hard; he was ______________ when he tried to explain what happened.
I don’t have time to read every word of that long newspaper article, but I’ll ______________ it to get the main idea.
Sacred promise
Solar power uses the energy of the sun to ______________electricity.
A two-faced person
Our teacher wants us to write a brief ______________of the story.
A lack of thankfulness
Causing fear because of strangeness; mysterious
To attack
After walking all day in the snow with my tennis shoes, my toes were ______________.
Magicians use optical ______________ to amaze their audiences.
Unfortunately, I do not have enough ______________ to keep up with my dog on a long run.
To act or work clumsily and awkwardly
Some people believe that ______________warming is destroying our planet.
To declare not guilty; free from blame
To meet face to face
The ______________ of the flight from Reno to New York is six hours.
Even though the rocky ______________ was challenging to hike, the view was beautiful.
Destroy; leave in ruins
Without any good reason or cause
A person who attacks violently
To make very angry
Our teachers have been giving us a(n) ______________ amount of homework.
Belonging to the same period of time as oneself
To feel sorry for what on had done
This summer, I took a sea shell from the beach at Santa Cruz as a(n) ______________of our vacation.
Profession or occupation
I skipped breakfast and did not like my lunch so by the time I got home from school, I was _____________.
My parakeet can ______________any tune I whistle.
A meal
After our long hike, we reached a lake that was ______________ and peaceful.
A being that must eventually die
The silly ______________ tripped over his shoelaces, fell down the stairs and hit his head.
To annoy