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Psychology of Criminal Behavior

separate occasions and has had at least two different victims
an extreme degree of an emotional disturbance
still unclear to what extent aggression is innate or learned- but it is clear that past social experiences and current social context shape aggression. People are boring with the capacity to be aggressive but expression is learned.
false beliefs that are not amenable to change despite conflicting evidence
an intentional behavior that violates criminal code. (Intentional in that it did not occur accidental or w/o justification or excuse)
a brain disorder that distorts reality
one of the world's leading experts on psychopathy
aggression produces desired outcome ex: hitting someone to get a toy
lie detector test
behavior intended to harm another person and to cause physical or psychological pain. extreme aggression=violence
founded by John Watson, believed that the fundamental goal of psychology was to understand, predict, and control human behavior. only a rigid scientific approach could accomplish this. (classical conditioning)
Interviewed 36 sexually oriented murderers. Process of data assimilation, crime classification, crime reconstruction and profile generation.
9 step technique with 3 components
ptsd, panic disorder, OCD, phobias
Child sex offenders reported more frequent experiences of ... than adult sex offenders
3rd step of Reid technique
Interviewees are pressured to confess if they are suspected of deception
Offenders have to carry out the crime in similar ways each time- but they also have to carry it out significantly different from other offenders committing the same type of crime.
a person who demonstrates a discernable cluster of psychological, interpersonal, and neurophysiological features that distinguish him or her from the general population