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Geometry Vocabulary

Figures that are the same shape and size.
Special rectangular prisms with all three side length equal
A parallelogram with four equal sides
The height of each of the lateral faces of a pyramid.
The point where three or more faces intersect
A prism with two congruent rectangular bases.
A prism with two congruent triangular bases.
A three dimensional figure with at least three triangular sides that meet at a common vertex and a single base
A closed figure formed by three or more straight lines
The sum of the areas of all the faces of a three dimensional figure.
A two dimensional figure that can be used to build a three dimensional figure
A figure made of two or more two dimensional figures.
the perpendicular distance from the base to the opposite side of a parallelogram
A quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel and opposite sides the same length
The measurement written using an exponent of 3 used when finding volume.
An equation that shows the relationship among certain quantities.
The amount of space inside a three dimensional figure.
A three dimensional figure with two parallel bases that are congruent polygons