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Delanie Miller's Cell Crossword Puzzle

The _____ are similar to our digestive system.
The jelly like substance that holds everything into place is called _____.
This organelle assists in the photosynthesis within plant cells.
The _____ is a maze like organelle that surrounds the nucleus.
Groups of organs are called an _____.
_____ are parts of a living cell.
_____ are groups of tissues.
We call the brain of the cell the _____.
Cells that have an organized nucleus are called _____.
The powerhouse of the cell is called the _____.
_____ make protein for the cell.
The basic unit of life is called a _____.
_____ protects and supports the cell.
_____ packages and distributes proteins and lipids.
Cells that do not have an organized nucleus are called _____.
Food, water, and waste are stored in the _____.
Groups of cells are called _____.