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end of WWI and beginning of WWII

Southern Europe AXIS member
National Socialist country
Wrote: anti-christ, Beyond good and evil, Hitler & Mussolini loved him
Island bombed on same day as Pearl Harbor
June 6, 1944
The stance america took prior to Pearl Harbor Attack
Treaty like decision proposed by Woodrow Wilson but never signed by USA
UK, USA, France, & USSR
Lightning War
Treaty to end WWI,basically blaming Germany for WWI. 32 countries signed it but the US Congress refused to sign it.
Bombed Dec 7, 1941
Communist Ally
Government owns all property, control ALL aspects of Government
"the goal of socialism is communism
Overproduction and severe drought depleted the land
Germany, Italy, & Japan
Imperial AXIS member
Ally to USA, UK, and USSR
Forced to leave your country
North American Ally
Also known as UK, member of Allies
Franklin D Roosevelt Tripled the size of government
Prejudice vs. Jews
Total govt, controls; social, religious, cultural, political, economic aspects of the country but does not own private industry.
Fascist ruler
Unprovoked action
Strategically placed island that was important to battle the Japanese
Negotiation method with Hitler
US President during WW2
Part of the "Big Three" after the war
Prison system in Siberia off the Trans- Siberian Railway
Nazi leader