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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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ESL C End of Year

Who likes to run?
No electricity.
You need this to get into countries.
The most popular sport in this class.
The best part of summer.
Laws that state whether or not a person can enter a country.
Volunteers hand out food, relief supplies, information, and comfort to those in need after a disaster.
Number of questions on your final.
We don't have this grade in your ESL class.
Always wants free time.
Is getting her drivers license this summer.
When you both give a little to find a common ground.
Identify gaps between current conditions and desired conditions or wants.
An advertisement created to alert people of a job opening within a company.
The country Miss Merrifield lived in.
Likes working with numbers.
Who is going to Mexico this summer?
Who has a beautiful daughter?
Is good at arguing her point.
The last country Miss Merrifield visited.