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Chapter 1 Intro to Science

A factor that can change in an experiment
Community and its non living surroundings
Internal body stays relatively stable
Date expressed in descriptive that cannot be counted.
The amount of matter in an object
Data expressed in numbers
Basic unit of mass
Life coming from non-living things.
Scientist that proved what happens when meat is covered and exposed.
A signal that causes a living organism to react
Chemical process of building and breaking down materials in the body.
Graph used to show how one variable responds to another.
Instrument that spins cells to separate parts in the cell.
Experiment that uses only one variable at a time
Electron microscope that produces a 3 dimensional image
Dependent variable
Used to research one part of the cell.
Independent variable
Group of organism of one type that live together in a specific area.
Logical interpretation based on prior knowledge and experiences
Recording and gathering information
Group of atoms, smallest unit of most chemical equations
Electron microscope that can look inside an object
The dipped area of liquid in the graduated cylinder that you record.
A single cell is placed in a petri dish to multiple
Scientist type that view the whole physical universe in a system of a collection of part and processes that interact.
A well tested explanation and observation that are thought to be true but could change.
Graph used for descriptive data