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7th Grade Vocabulary Test Units 1-5

The lion was about to__________________________ the young child that had fallen into its enclosure when the zookeeper stepped between them.  
A temporary peace; pause in fighting:________________
One of a kind:___________
Accepted beliefs or ways of doing things:______________
Near, next to
Disobedient rebellious:______________
A troublemaker:_______________
A short account or story of someone's life:___________________
The little boy must have a guardian angel; it is incomprehensible how he came out of the accident________________________.
Run quickly; rush:_______________
Draw back as if in pain or fear:_______________
The congressman’s________________ were angry that he was not voting to pass the school bill.
It is hard to______________________ from my best friend’s treehouse because the ladder is so old.
Allowing light to pass through:___________
To drive or urge on:_______________
The magician_______________________ his young audience with his illusions.
Exposed to danger or harm:______________
To begin to grow:___________
The student resisted the urge to____________________________ their teacher with a snowball on the playground.
The two new students formed a(n)________________________ to help each other stand up to the school bully.
To interfere with; handle in an improper way:______________
My neighbor’s dog is so_____________________ that I cross the street to walk past their house.
The mama bird made a cozy nest for her________________________.
To give in to a wish or desire:_____________
Some people think that the desert is a___________________________ wasteland, but I see the beauty in the vast, open landscape.
The old man complained about his repetitious,_________________________ life of working, eating, and sleeping.
Her injury will_____________________ her Olympic training progress.
Able to read and write:________________
Shining, bright, giving of light or energy:_________________
My dog’s eyes _______________________ me for scraps from the dinner table.
My mom is usually______________________ to pick me up after school unless she has to work overtime.
To ask questions:________________
Not producing the desired results, unsuccessful:________________
A rookie New York detective was assigned to investigating the vicious_________________________.
Fake; illegal copy:______________
To burn slightly:_______________
To combing, unite:_______________
My parents will_____________________ with anger if I do not get at least a B in math.
Deadly, extremely harmful
My brother’s soccer team is so good, they usually____________________ their competition.
To repair, restore:________________
A clown; stupid person:___________________
Easily spread disease; annoy or bother:_____________
The dark storm clouds were beginning to_________________________ over the mountains.
She got the job because of her impressive_________________________.
They settled in a(n)________________________ community that was miles from the nearest city.
A very small quantity:____________