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Science Vocabulary Review

Light energy
Hand motion to cause smells to move through air
Special glasses that fit close to face to protect eyes
Combination of 2 or more substances
Mixture with one substance spread out evenly so you cannot tell the two substances apart
Energy an object has due to its motion or position
Particles in atom that have a negative charge
Rain, snow, sleet or hail that falls from clouds
Ability to cause motion or create change
Change of liquid to gas
Particles in nucleus of atom that does not have a charge
Force between 2 surfaces rubbing against each other
Heat energy
Forces that act against each other and do not cause a change in motion
Produced by vibrating objects
To take up and store without reflecting or transmitting
A condition that can be changed or controlled to test a hypothesis
Energy stored in food and fuels
State of matter where particles move the fastest
State of matter that takes the shape of its container
Unit for measuring force
Place where water is collected and stored
Amount of water vapor in the air
How clouds are formed
Push back or away by force
Particles in the nucleus that have a positive charge
Force that draws bodies together
Energy produced when electrons move from one place to another
Smallest particle of a substance
Stored energy
Energy of motion
State of matter with definite shape and definite volume