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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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7th Grade Vocabulary TEST Units 6-10

The home or den of a wild animal, hideout:________________
Necessary to life, essential:________________
Chicago had its share of_______________________ gangsters in the 1930’s like Al Capone.
Alert; watchful:______________
Unwilling; holding back:____________
Heather’s math homework began to______________________ her because she could not understand the word problems.
Inexperienced person, Beginner; young bird about to leave the nest:_______________
The songs__________________________ tune and lyrics were a little sad and depressing.
I have a great girlfriend; her only____________________ is that she is always late.
Get rid of, destroy completely:________________
The central point of heart of a matter:_________________
Disobedient, rebellious:_________________
A ridiculous sham, absurd happenings:______________
You can go to jail if you commit___________________ when testifying in court.
At Nevada football games, there is a_________________ after every touchdown.
A large-scale disaster:_________________
The bicyclist gained___________________ when he started the downhill portion of the race.
Not capable of being copied or imitated:__________________
To force out from a property:________________
People who tend to__________________ their responsibilities are not to be relied on.
After the fisherman____________________ the fish, he unhooked it from his line and threw it back into the stream.
The classic cars in the junk yard had __________________ into rusty old jalopies.
Strong winds and rough seas caused the small sailboat to____________________.
I was not able to__________________ my thirst after running the mile in gym class and continued coughing during my next class.
To smother, to hold back:_______________
Her_______________________ gown sparkled like a disco ball due to all the jewels sewn into it.
Offering friendly or generous treatment:________________
I received half credit for my assignment because my handwriting was not___________________.
QPart of our fence broke in the wind storm so my father had to create a quick,_______________________ solution so that our dog would not get out.
A reason for doing something:__________________
To attract, tempt:__________________
Skilled, expert:______________
When we visited England last year, we were charmed by the________________ old houses in a small town we passed through in the country.
After years of hard work, the only thing needed to________________________ the new law was the governor’s signature.
Not usual or typical; strange:___________
Happening at the same time:___________________
The wounded lion continued to _______________ in pain until a mouse pulled a thorn from his paw.
To repair poorly; make a mess of:________________
The quiet girl in class received a valentine and a heart shaped box of chocolates from a(n)_____________________ admirer.
When we came home from vacation, the heat wave left our lawn and potted plants_______________________ and wilted.
The police had to______________ the neighborhood to apprehend the bank robbers.
The suspect will be held at the local police station__________________ the outcome of the investigation.