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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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8th Grade Vocabulary Test Units 1-5

The soldier did not________________________ with his orders and ran cowardly off the battlefield.
When the mile run began, Kyle quickly took the lead, but we knew that he could not___________________ his pace for the entire race.  
Humorous, not meant seriously:________________
A ghost or ghostly figure:_______________
Darwinians believe that humans_____________________ from apes.
The princess’s_________________ crown sparkled when she entered the room.
Since the class was given___________________ time to finish an essay, the teacher gave no credit for late papers.
In very great numbers; a very large number
When we tried to carry water from the well we found, to our dismay, that the bottom of the old bucket was______________________.
Not able to be heard:___________________
While the student council can give an opinion about school uniforms, the decision is out of their____________________.
Even though I do not agree with her politics, I did not want to________________________ a fight about the issue.
The choice part of a group of people or things
Having to do with morals, values:_________________
The tornado reduced the small town to_______________________.
The prince was able to attend the masquerade ball_________________________ and enjoyed the party without being noticed.
Well known in old stories rather than in real life:________________
A wise saying:__________________
The____________________ was once the center of the Roman city but is now a tourist stop.
A thing that is added; an appendix or addition to a book or document:__________________
An appendix or addition a book or written document:______________
I would not call Lucy a friend, as she had no____________________ about sharing my secret with everyone!
To crouch or shrink away in fear or shame:___________________
Try not to___________________ over the pimple on your nose, it will go away before school pictures.  
To feed or fill to the point of overstuffing; over supply:_______________
It is unfortunate that so many teens idolize celebrities that have such_____________________ and reckless behavior.
The movie trailer created_________________ for Marvel fans.
When Grace Vanderwaal won America’s Got Talent, the crowd burst into a____________________ that lasted for nearly five full minutes.
Not meant seriously; not worthy of serious attention:___________________
To cripple, disable, disfigure:_____________
It is incomprehensible to think of a life__________________________ of electronic devices.
To find or pound to a powder or dust:__________________
Bold, adventurous, recklessly daring
It can be hard to look at an argument from the other person’s_____________________. 
The Pilgrims and Indians celebrated a(n)______________________ harvest at the first Thanksgiving.
Sometimes the halls of our school are so_____________________ with backpacks, it is difficult to get to class; I wish we had lockers.
A person or thing of no importance:________________
We have a morbid assignment in English were we have to write our own__________________ for a gravestone.
A period of watchful attention:_______________
Diets usually don’t work because people______________________ to their old bad eating habits.
Economical, avoiding waste and luxury:_____________
The hummingbird____________________ over the red flowers.
A rich mass of ore in a mine; a very large amount or sudden profit:________________
The_________________ of the chimpanzees amused the crowds at the zoo.
To complete for a spot; to strive for victory