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European and American Culture 12

– adj. – Required, mandatory. Something that must be done or is needed.
– n. – A language spoken previously, such as a family’s original language that is not spoken by the new generations.
– n. – Equipment or tools needed for a trade or job. A persons various personal belongings.
– n. – Something that threatens to cause evil or harm.
– idiom – Take care of yourself, don’t rely on other people.
– adj. – More than enough of something.
– n. – The part of a country that touches another country. The farthest away part of a country where few people live.
– adj. – More than one of something.
– n. – The ability, knowledge or skill to do a certain job or task.
– n. – A person or company who does not have enough money to pay their bills.
– v. – To remove someone from their position or authority.
– n. – A grade or level of comfort in everyday life enjoyed by a group of people.
– n. – A very short skirt that is usually very high above the knees.
– v. – To make something separate from religion or spiritual things.
– n. – A person who is among the first to go somewhere or do something never done before.