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Vocabulary Crossword #4 Review

To take hold of something that is moving.
When something or someone has gone from a place.
To go down on one or both knees.
To make a picture in your mind.
To bend.
To take hold of suddenly.
To give a picture of something in words.
Something that is not wide or broad.
To do the same thing that someone else is doing.
To go see someone or someplace.
To have information; to understand.
Feeling unhappy or mad at someone or something.
To make something bright.
To bring or carry.
To make something as long as it can be.
In front of; ahead of.
An area of ground around a house or other building.
To go up something.
Having a hold of empty place inside.
To tell the meaning of.
To spring up in the air.
Up to the time of.
To send something through the air.
Very much or a lot.
To pick something up.