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Science Crossword Puzzle

Multiple food chains combined
What a living thing does in order to continue to live.
Uses energy from the Sun in order to produce their own food and release gas, energy, and other matter into the environment.
The distance from the center of a sphere to its surface; half its diameter.
The brightness of a star perceived by an observer on earth.
A living thing
A ball of gas in space that produces its own light and heat
The surroundings around an organism that consist of living and nonliving things.
It is the distance light can travel, when moving in a straight line, in one year.
an animal that feeds on plants.
an animal or person that eats food of both plant and animal origin.
All the interacting living and nonliving parts of an environment.
The power to do work.
The amount of energy or light given off by a star.
Requirements a living thing must have in order to survive.
Eats dead organisms
an animal that feeds on flesh.
An animal that consumes another organism
A gas found in Earth's atmosphere
The star at the center of the Solar system; that supplies heat and light to Earth