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Weather and Climate

By Jeremy Koch
A mixture of frozen and liquid precipitation
Amount of water vapor in the air
A body of air which has similar temperature, pressure, and moister properties.
A very intense snow storm.
Pressure exerted by the atmosphere.
Rain during the front, then wonderful weather after.
State of the atmosphere on a day to day basis.
Only rain during this front
A rain storm that produces thunder and lightning
Rain Showers during front, then warm and humid after the front
Liquid form of water coming down from the atmosphere.
Air surrounding the earth.
State of the atmosphere measured over a long period of time.
Intense rain storms with winds up to 150 miles per hour.
Any and all forms of water particles.
The movement of air caused by change in temperature and air pressure.
The intensity of heat in an object.
Thunderstorms during front, then wonderful weather after
Meeting point between two air masses.
Frozen water coming down in the form of the ice crystals.