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Band Review

Soft dynamic
A clef written for lower sounds
The stick the conductor conducts with
Musical alphabet
A silent beat
Divides the staff into measures
Gradually get softer
Added to a note in a measure to make it sharp or flat
Makes you play a section a second time
Notes which are are not tongued that change pitch
The most important instrument in a band
Lowers a sound a half step
How fast or slow you play a piece of music
Gradually get louder
What band is
Time signature
What everyone in your section should do
A musical sentence
The device which keeps a perfect beat
Loud dynamic
The type of note which gets four beats in 4/4 time
Fast tempo
A clef written for higher sounds
When everyone plays at the perfect volume in a band
The highest ranking you can achieve at MPA
Lines added above or below a staff to extend the staff
Five lines and four spaces
Raises a note a half step
Notes which are not tongued that do not change pitch
The box a conductor stands on
Tells you which notes are flat or sharp
A device which helps keep a perfect pitch
Medium volume