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4th Grade Science Review Puzzle

The smallest particles that make up soil
A living thing such as a b plant that can make its own food
Layer in soil
A force that resists motion between touching objects
Type of rock that forms from melted rock
A simple machine that is a post with an inclined plane wrapped around it
A group of animals without a backbone
The path of one object in space around another object
The group of animals that have a backbone
Living parts of an ecosystem
A large, moving mass of ice
Where a magnet's force is the strongest
A statement of what you think will happen in an experiment
The largest particles that make up soil
Variety in a species
A mixture in which two or more substances are mixed completely
Animal that eats only other animals
The remains or traces of a plant or animal that lived long ago
Imaginary line on which the Earth rotates
An animal that eats both plants and other animals
A group of food chains that overlap
Smallest unit of an element with all its properties
The process of sediment moving from one place to another
A substance made of only one kind of atom
Nonliving parts of an ecosystem
A simple machine made of a bar that pivots on a fixed point
A pull or push of any kind
Major changes in the body formed during the life cycle of an animal, such as a caterpillar
A ball of rock, ice and frozen gases in space
The amount of matter in an object compared to the space it takes up
The state of matter without a definite shape or volume
Materials that let electricity move through them easily
A community and its physical environment together
The fixed point on a lever
The solid rock that forms the Earth's surface
An environment that meets all the needs of an organism
The measure of an objects change in position over a unit of time
The amount of matter in an object