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Regular movement of water from ocean to air to ground and back to the ocean
Fine yellowish-brown topsoil
Layer of gases that that surround the earth
Term scientists use to describe the activities of continental drift and magma flow which create many of earths physical feature
Part of a continent that extends underwater
A bend in the earths surface
Thick middle layer of earth interior structure, consisting of dense, hot rock
A process by which new land is created when sea plates pull apart and magma wells between
Process of excess water vapor changing into liquid water when warm air cools
A crack in the earths surface
Underground water-bearing
Process by which mountains can form from sea plates dive under a continental plate
A slow process in which a sea plate slides under a continental plate
Watery areas of the earth including oceans, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water
Process of converting into vapor
Part of earth where life exists
Water within the earth that supplies wells and springs
Molten rock that is pushed up from earths mantle
Chemical or physical process such as freezing, that breaks down rocks
Moisture that falls to earth such as rain, snow, sleet or hail
Surface land areas of earths crust, including ocean basins and continents
Wearing away of the earths surface by wind, flowing waters or glaciers
Theory that the continents were once joined and then drifted apart
Removal of salt from seawater to make it usable for drinking and farming
Large body of ice that moves across the surface if the earth
Piles of rocky debris left by melting glaciers