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Sinead's 6th Grade Spelling Words

My cousins were naughty, and almost always got into _______.
It seems like I am more ______ than other people, and I'm always falling down.
I will ____ with my father at his job this summer.
The dance performance was ___________.
He's trying very hard, and his _______ will be rewarded.
When all of the problems were brought to light, we were all ______.
I think _____ is an extra helmet over there.
Did you see that _______ digging in the trash?
She was clearly in _____ after being stung by the bee.
The ______ banded together to for the good of the union.
I won't _______ the incident the other day.
I want to study ancient __________ in college.
I love to ride my black and yellow __________.
We would like you to ________ this job opening.
My new black pants have _______ on the pockets.
Will I ever see you _____?
She drew a _______ with a beautiful garden.
The police _____ decided to raise money to help out the community.
Our______ will have to be tested.
I enjoy camping and ______ hikes.