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E.O.Y. Final #1

Drafted and signed the US Declaration of Freedom
200 years of peace in the Roman Empire.
Cold, dry region covered with snow most of the year.
Father of our country.
Continent where England is located.
Leader where people have no rights.
American explorers that found the path to the Pacific
A decree that states a country's basic laws and values.
Hottest,driest region of North America.
Largest river in South America.
Decree that limits the power of leaders.
Longest river in the United States.
Country found in South America.
US President during the Civil War.
An island continent.
State capital of Texas.
Physical feature of Earth.
USA's national capital.
France's capital.
President who stole the land from the Western native Americans
National capital of Canada
One of the world's continents.
Mountain system found in South America.
System of government which has rights for all its citizens.
The plants in an area.