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Marlee English 9 Vocab

To hint at
A poll with a large hook on one end
To bring out
To drink
When the boy listened to music, his mind became _______ and distracted.
To besiege by encircling
To inspire or influence
To give forth or send out
To speak in favor of
To make afraid or discourage
The man was very _________ and only talked about himself.
The itchy tag ______ her skin.
To eliminate completely
Storehouse for grain
Favoritism shown to family or friends
The fifth piece of cake led to the ______ of her appetite.
To resent another's success
An exit or to exit
A written satire
The best members of a group
Her attitude is always in a _____
To mislead or fool
The peasants _______ the grain off of the field.
Feeling of uneasiness
A sermon
To produce or make happen
When her parents questioned her, she was forced to __________ a story to convince them.
To escape notice
She showed ________ when she slit the pig's throat.
To attract by offering reward or pleasure
Moral deterioration
An influential or important person
To pretend
Feeling of great dismay or horror
He showed much _______ toward the man who killed his wife.
A dictator with absolute power
To hinder or obstruct
Horrible/ frightful
To speak in a dramatic manner
To prepare for and action or event
To cheat or swindle