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William English 9 Vocab. Words

To hinder
A sermon
The best members of a group
Worship as a god
To make up a story
To pretend
To make less severe
To hint
Lowest point
To eliminate completely
To persist in talking continuously
Conceited or self love
Feeling of uneasiness
Shameless boldness
Showing sound judgement
I like to at __ in class
To use up gradually
Faint in color
To gather
A minor weakness in character
Easily angered
To drink
To produce
Feeling great dismay or horror
Of or relating to the side
Hatefully & shockingly evil
My brother likes to___ me
Moral deterioration
The act of blessing
To send out
I have a____ to another person.
Push into motion
There is a lot of__in Lord of the Flies
I tell Robert to___when he is dancing.
A written satire used to ridicule or attack someone
Ralph has to__ from Jack when he's hunting him down.
Robert likes to __ on a test.
Capitan Hook from Peter Pan has a___.