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World War II Review

Czechoslovakian region taken by Hitler without a fight.
Plan to sell arms to the Allies without being pulled into the war.
Communist dictator of Russia
Military dictator of Japan.
American president who served during most of WW2.
Meeting with Hitler where he promised not to take more land.
Asian Axis power.
Germany, Italy, Japan.
Giving in to the demands of an aggressor.
Severely punished after ww1, caused ww2.
German speaking country taken by Hitler without a fight.
Loaning or renting arms to the Allies to help them defeat the Axis Powers.
Governments led by ruthless dictators with absolute power.
British Prime Minister who traveled to Germany to negotiate with Hitler.
German submarine
Fascist European nation who switched sides during the war.
Large groups of liberty ships traveling together for protection
Chinese province invaded by Japan for more living space.
Asian island which was an American colony after 1898.
Northern region of France invaded on June 6, 1944
Communist power that had an alliance with Hitler, but was later invaded.
German chancellor, head of the Nazi Party.
Fascist dictator of Italy during WW2
Allied nation bombed nightly by Germany after France fell in 1940.
Eastern European nation invaded by Germany in September 1939.
German political party who came to power after ww1.