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Author: Greg Price & Athan Kelman
Used by Aaron to split the Red Sea
People looked at this to be healed from snake bites
You shall have no other gods
This food was in the ark of the covenant
The Israelites leaving Egypt
Dont kill
Dont steal
Moses' brother
Separated the holy place and most holy place
This is what God used to punish the Israelites
God's law
Stone _________ were located in the ark of the covenant
Honor your father and mother
Dont covet your neighbors house
Where the tabernacle was located in
10th day of the 7th month
Contained Aarons staff
God hardened his heart
Dont commit adultery
Don't bear false witness
Remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy
Don't use Gods name in vain
Dont covet your neighbors wife, servant, donkey, ox, or anything that belongs to your neighbor
Led the Israelites out of Egypt
Israelites made this out of gold
Place where people came to be closer to God
God worked through him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt